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    "How did things come to be this way?"


    "We cannot teach people anything.
    We can only help them discover it within themselves.”
    - G. Galilei


    Futurpreneur Canada

    Business Development Manager,
    British Columbia & Yukon

    Since December 2013


    Supporting young entrepreneurs to launch and last successfully, by

    (1) holding space to build confidence & competence (coaching, workshops)

    and (2) resourcing startups with capital and connections.(loans, mentorship).


    Futurpreneur is Canada's only national non profit organization providing financing, mentoring and support tools to aspiring business owners aged 18-39 starting a new business. An internationally recognized mentoring program hand matches young entrepreneurs with a business expert from a network of more than 2,800 volunteer mentors.

    www.futurpreneur.ca | www.rockmybusinessplan.ca

    NEW: pilot program get.futurpreneur.ca/sidehustle #SideHustle

    West Coast College
    of Massage Therapy


    Since September 2015


    One of only four accredited colleges in British Columba teaching to CMTBC-approved curriculum for aspiring Registered Massage Therapists.


    Courses I facilitate learning in:
    Ethics & Professionalism
    Professional Communication


    More information: CollegeOfMassage.com



    Curious Conversations

    Current topic: Death & Dying  |  #CConDD

    Established December 2015


    Combating death-phobia with curiosity, humor, and persistence.

    Given it's the only thing that is guaranteed, and the one thing we share in common with every other living thing on the planet...

    let's talk about death, baby.


    #CConDD is a global community project to address the phenomenon that gets shockingly little air time or attention in most folks' day-to-day lives: Death and Dying.

    Crack taboo. Get informed. Feel empowered.
    It’s normal.

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    Article Club

    "Like a bite-sized Book Club."

    Established February 2013;
    Made public January 2016


    Designed for those folks who LOVE the idea of a book club, where current life design doesn't allow for a 300 page + classic work.

    Modified to fit current state: rather than skip the community and intellectual benefits altogether, do it with articles instead!

    The project provides a resource bank of powerful articles to serve as starting points - curated from various sources, covering a breadth of deep themes. 

    Gather a few folks (recommend 2-6 people). 
    Choose a date. Pick one. Read it. Dig in and discuss.


    Starting Points


    Community Leader

    In Vancouver, BC since July 2014


    Intentional humans adding value. Simple. (Not always easy.)

    Monthly meet-ups to connect on ideas that matter to us, with minimalism as our common thread + online forum for support and connection.

    Thoughts from a member:
    "I love learning from other people. I love finding out that Minimalism has different degrees and definitions - you can make it what you want it to be for you. I love the essays that make Minimalism something that anyone can do. It can be a simple thing, or it can be a radical, overthrow-your-life kind of thing." - T. F. (Comox, BC)

    Online Local Group Space - Vancouver || theminimalists.com

    Spoken Word

    Speaking truth in flow.

    Humaira is a life-pondering philosophess-performer, relentlessly curious about the human condition and exploring the question "How did things come to be this way?" Her meaning-making sometimes manifests as musings and spoken pieces around anti-oppressive themes of love, compassion, equity, justice, curiosity, and peace. Using her voice as her instrument, she teaches, speaks, sings, and whistles what she hopes to be a little more joy and a little more truth into the everyday. She has performed at open mics and events in so-called Vancouver since March 2016.


    She is an immigrant-settler on Turtle Island, doing her best to be in a good way with culture, people, and land in a constant process of striving to move beyond oppression. She is fed by connection, presence, and reverence, and has significant trouble in resisting a bag of potato chips.

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